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Geospatial Web 2.0

Geographic Information Science (GIS) and the Web 2.0 are becoming more and more intertwined. Both content providers as well as users increasingly demand geographically aware data and information.

Facebook and Twitter, the world’s leading social media platforms, geotag your posts with geographic information, so that they and your friends know where you are. You iPhone can send you a reminder based on a geofence (a perimeter around a certain GPS location). A transit agency can tell you where and when the next bus or train is coming. Your in-car navigation system can receive traffic updates collected from other car’s navigation systems.

These are just some examples of applications built in the Geospatial Web 2.0. How did this trend come about? On one hand, we have more and more mobile, location aware devices in people’s pockets. They allow collecting accurate data, and, due to increasing speeds in mobile networks, can share that location with apps and services on the web. On the other hand, businesses are learning how they can use the geographical data provided by users to better market their products. Finally, the backend technology, provided by tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Apple, is being made more and more accessible for programmers and innovators, who strive to learn about ways in which they can use geographic information on the web.

AhnGroup, being such an innovator, can help your business to build custom-made spatially aware web solutions that benefit both your business and your customers. We are proud to announce the addition of Geospatial Web 2.0 services to our range of online solutions as of December 2012! Contact Nico Ahn ( for more details and set up a consultation!

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Nico Ahn is the owner and founder of AhnGroup.
Nico Ahn est le fondateur-propriétaire de AhnGroupe.
Contact: | Twitter: @nicoahn