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Public Transit Map: Pincourt


The Town of Pincourt (Québec) has been served by public bus transit since 2007. Initially, the service run by the local transit agency CIT La Presqu'Île only connected the city's residents with the local commuter train station (AMT), in the past 6 years however the network has grown and ridership has expanded. In 2013, the city is served by 6 bus routes and a train, with service continously improving.

This map was created by AhnGroup in an attempt to develop a European-style network map of the 2013 public transit network in the town. The design of the map is inspired by network maps from German cities like Augsburg, Berlin and Munich. This map lays out the stops, connections and routes in a clear and simplified manner, making it easy for passengers to orient themselves without the clutter of full road maps.

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