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Content Management System

A well-designed, easy to use and informative website is key to your business’s success in today’s competitive business environment. Furthermore, it is important to keep your website up-to-date and filled with current information. CMSplus web portals can be adapted for many uses such as

  • intranet sites,
  • ecommerce online stores,
  • business websites, and
  • personal websites.

CMSplus can be extended with a multitude of features including

  • calendars,
  • online maps,
  • download sections,
  • secured areas for authorized users, and
  • many more ...

Our Service

AhnGroup’s CMSplus service enables you to become the content master of your business’s online portal. After your website design has been finalized and set up by AhnGroup, you can update, add and remove information to your website using simple-to-use tools. You manage the information on your site, or profit from our content management service. In either case, AhnGroup takes care of all the technical aspects in the background.

Technical Requiements

CMSplus has certain technical requirements. If you already have a server or web space where you would like to host your site, please check out the requirements page. If you do not yet have a host for your website, please let us know and we will propose a well adapted solution to you.